One Million Patients Treated

One Million Patients Treated

NovaSure® - Trusted by One Million Women¹

"We want women to know there is a safe and simple alternative for the treatment of menstrual problems," said Dr. Scott Schade M.D., an obstetrician/gynecologist at Rockwood Clinic in Spokane, Washington, who treated the one millionth NovaSure patient.

Dr. Schade has performed more than 500 NovaSure procedures and believes the "NovaSure system is the safest, simplest and most effective ablative technique now available. It often can be performed in the office setting and requires minimal anesthesia; many patients go to work the next day. Hysterectomy or long-term hormonal therapies are no longer the only choices; women need not suffer in silence."

Yvette Cornmesser, a mother of two, was the one-millionth NovaSure patient. Yvette began experiencing heavy and prolonged menstrual periods approximately one year ago. "Around my fortieth birthday, I first told my doctor that my menstrual periods were getting heavier. My doctor tried to regulate my cycle by changing my birth control prescription, but this new pill did not help to lessen my bleeding. I became increasingly worried that I’d have an accident in public. After speaking with some friends and almost canceling my birthday dinner, I decided to talk to my doctor again about my cycle to discuss alternative options."

Yvette’s doctor referred her to Dr. Schade who suggested she have the NovaSure procedure. NovaSure effectively treated Yvette’s symptoms in a matter of minutes, allowed her to avoid hysterectomy and regain the confidence that living with problem periods took away from her. "NovaSure gave me back my life," says Yvette.


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